Antioch Fire Department – Combined Renovation Projects

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Following a competitive Quality Based Selection RFP process, Camosy was selected in April 2023 as the Construction Manager for the Antioch Fire Department’s combined renovation project of their Stations No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3.

Station No. 1 is the oldest of the 3 stations and is also the administrative headquarters for the Department. The renovation work will convert the former Rescue Squad section of the facility to dedicated use for living quarters and include a fitness area, sleeping quarters for eight with individual rooms connected to a locker space with three individual private bathrooms with showers. The design also includes a large airy combined dining and dayroom connected to an open kitchen.

The current two-story administration and living quarters space will be renovated to administration and training functions only. Administration spaces will be at the upper level including dedicated offices for the Chief, Deputy Chief, and Battalion Chiefs as well as an EMS office, Fire Protection Bureau office and, a Flex-Multi-use office. The lower level will contain the Major Training room and a large Conference Room and other support and ancillary spaces. This major renovation project will significantly improve functionality and operations and serve the Department for many years to come.

Station No. 2 and Station No. 3 are both satellite stations with very similar floor plans. The work will renovate and modernize the living quarters areas at each station. The sleeping quarters will be totally refreshed with all new finishes throughout. Locker, shower, and toilet areas also will be updated with all new finishes. The existing Duty Officer/Communications space will be converted to a new and larger fitness area. The current undersized fitness area will be repurposed to serve as a general office space. The Dayroom, Dining area, and Kitchen will be renovated with all new finishes, cabinets, countertops, and equipment. Mechanical systems will be upgraded as needed and new roofing installed. Work at both stations also includes site improvements including new site lighting, pavement repairs, and related site improvements.

Work at Station No. 2 also includes an option to either add a new standalone prefabricated cold storage building or to expand the Apparatus Bay by one bay to provide storage space for historic and reserve equipment.

This project is currently in Preconstruction