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Congratulations to Tri-County Contractor’s Associations for celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year!

We are excited to share here all of the updates and highlights from TCCA during their anniversary here.

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Meet John Camosy
John Camosy of Camosy Construction has served on the Board of the Tri-County Contractors Association since 1992. He was the president of the board in 1995, 2006, and 2012 and has held other of offices including Vice President in 1994 and 2011.

John has been with Camosy Construction for over thirty-five years and now serves as Camosy’s President & CEO. John is also a Certified Professional Constructor. The Certified Professional Constructor (CPC) is the highest level of certification in the Constructor Certification Program.

Camosy Construction & TCCA
Camosy Construction has been actively involved with TCCA since its inception. John’s Uncle, Joe Ferraro of Camosy Construction, actively recruited founding members, hosted meetings, and was the very first President for the first few years of the association. John added, “TCCA is a vital organization for us as contractors but also our surrounding community. It is important for us to support the industry by doing our part in things like contract negotiations with our local unions, continuing education, promoting our local unions and focus on recruiting our next generation. TCCA gives us the platform and camaraderie to identify these things and we are able to act on them.”